50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

While the 50th wedding anniversary is the golden jubilee, not everyone can afford—or wants—to swath in gold the couple celebrating their 50 years together. Here are some other suggestions for 50th wedding anniversary gifts, geared towards the couple’s interests.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Travelers

Rent an RV and help the couple plan a trip to see all 50 states—or at least some of them. Target the states they’ve never seen or the ones they love the most. For a couple that would rather travel closer to home, find 50 interesting or unusual places of interest near where the couple lives. They may decide to only visit a few, but most people are surprised to learn of the fantastic tourist destinations hidden in their own backyards.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Environmentalists

Plant 50 trees in their honor. If the trees will be planted near you, ask if the couple can participate in the planting. They may even wish to offer a picnic table or park bench to be added near their 50-tree plot.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Exercisers

Pamper them with 50-minute gift certificates from the local spa. These can be 50 minutes with a personal trainer, 50 minutes of massage, or 50 minutes with a sports coach to help improve their tennis, golf, or other game.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Photographers

A pair of photographers is likely to have all the photography equipment they want, but since one or both are often behind the camera, they might not have many photos of themselves, together. Collect photos of them—together—from marriage through their 50th wedding anniversary, and present it as a collage, photo album, or slideshow.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Movie Lovers

Provide access to the 50 best movies of all time, or if they prefer a specific genre, the 50 best comedies, action movies, or other type. Print out the list of movies, and purchase the couple a gift subscription to a movie rental company, such as Netflix. If the couple watches one movie each week, target a subscription for 50 weeks, so approximately a year. Alternatively, you could purchase all 50 movies for the couple—just keep in mind they might not have someplace to store them.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Foodies or Gourmets

Help gourmets “spice up your lives” with a gift of 50 spices. Encourage the exotic gourmet with a gift of 50 unusual fruits, vegetables, or treats. And if you don’t feel up to the challenge, perhaps a simpler route is a $50 gift certificate to a gourmet grocery or their favorite restaurant.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Animal Lovers

Present your local humane society with a donation including the number 50—perhaps 50 flea collars, 50 bags of dog food, 50 cat toys, 50 dog beds, or 50 “free” spay or neutering procedures for pets belonging to families that may not be able to afford the procedure. Or aim at the local wildlife refuge with the same idea.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Music Lovers

Compile a mix of 50 songs, starting with the song they used for their first wedding dance, and taking a popular song from each of the 50 years, leading to their 50th wedding anniversary. Ask family or friends for help selecting the style of music the couple most likes. If there will be a 50th wedding anniversary party, offer the host a copy of the music to play at the party.