Neutering the Dog

Neutering your new dog might not sound like the most romantic plan for Valentine’s Day, but it has to be a thousand times less romantic for the dog. We had just gotten our dog, Denny, and he needed to be neutered. John thought it would be cool to ask the veterinarian if we could keep Denny’s “equipment” in a little jar. John would say, “That way, if he misbehaves, I can say, ‘I’ve got you by the balls!’” Weird sense of humor, yes. But I didn’t think he’d actually do it.

We picked up poor Denny, and in my concern over the dog and the additional vet-related concerns, I completely forgot John’s idea. Before we drove away, he grinned at me and said, “I got it.” He held up a little jar. I didn’t want to look—who would?—but he kept urging me. I finally did, and it just looked like a jar full of water. John shook it a little, and a necklace floated into view. Originally, he planned on having the engagement ring at the bottom of the jar. But our friends and family persuaded him not to do that—too gross. Actually, it would have been perfect because it would have been totally him.

John and Ruby S.