Move Over Snoopy, Here Comes Petie!

This little guy delivered the ring! We mean the dog and not the appetizer that he is staring at.

Plan A

The proposal was set for Monday, January 21. We both had the day off because of Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Simple enough plan. I would cook dinner and, at some point, the neighbor’s Beagle Petie would burst in with the ring attached to his collar. Petie has a history of bursting in whenever he comes home from a walk because 1) I do not close the front door all the way and 2) he is always hoping to recreate that slice of heaven when he came in to discover my grocery bags on the kitchen floor.

Suz was out of town all day so I had some time to pull everything together. I shopped and prepared a seafood-themed meal (shrimp & artichoke kabobs, a seafood chowder and swordfish steaks with a mustard sauce). Things were arranged with my neighbor for Petie to come over at 8:30 PM. they would follow bring flowers and a camera.

But we never counted on … Target!

Things Fall Apart

Not in on the secret, Suz got distracted on the way home by the siren call of Target. So she did not make it back until after 10:00. So everything got put on hold until the next day. But on the bright side, we had new curtain rods!

Plan B

Same as Plan A but different night. Fortunately, this time she showed up. Suz remarked over dinner that I must have been bored on my day off to spend so much time cooking.

The neighbor texted a few times for the signal of when to come over. I had to cover and pretend that the messages were from work.

Petie burst in. I knelt down to unattach the ring from his collar. I asked her to marry me and got the answer that every man waits for:

“Are you serious?”


Suz eventually said “yes”.

Ted S and Suzan F.