Lunch Break

We had been seeing each other for a year and discussed where do we go from here? We had talked about rings, but had not done any shopping or serious discussion about what we would want.

One Saturday we were out shopping all day, we ended up at my favorite jeweler’s store and we looked around. Nothing was really said as we looked at the rings. I was trying on many different types and then one really caught both of us. I tried it on and it had that wow factor. It was too big and John said, “Is that the one you like?” I said, “Yes,” and the jeweler measured my ring size and John purchased the ring. A couple of weeks went by and he said, “I will pick up the ring in a couple of weeks.” I was getting excited. I usually go home for lunch, as I only live minutes away from work. I was eating and John stopped by. He had never been over before on my lunch hour. So, I continued eating, and he went to the couch and threw a pillow on the floor and proceeded to get on his knees and propose. I was blown away.

John and Roberta C.