Just a Casual Question

After a Neighborhood Watch organizational meeting that ran very late, we were all hungry, so I suggested pizza. Three ladies and I decided to meet at Pizza Hut for dinner. In the parking lot, two of the ladies changed their minds, so that’s how Jeanne and I had our first “date.”

Seven months later, we knew each other pretty well. She was a single mother for 14 years; I had been single for five years. We took a little vacation together to Ashville, North Carolina, to tour the

Vanderbilt Estate and meet up with my mother and some of my mother’s friends. As we drove back, I asked, “What do you think about marriage?”

It was meant as a casual question, and it led to a two-hour discussion on the benefits and concerns of marriage and married life. As the conversation continued, it became increasingly clear to me that we were going to get married. There was no actual “proposal,” unless you count proposing we go for pizza.

Skip and Jeanne M.