Cherry Blossom Proposal

To start out, Brian sent me a beautiful arrangement of a dozen red roses in a vase, with a note that said to be ready at noon the next day.

The next day, when he arrived, he asked, “Are you ready? He’s waiting.” Brian pulled the curtain away from the kitchen window to reveal a black stretch limo with a driver standing in front of it!

The driver drove us around DC; it was a perfect sunny day. Brian mentioned that we would be going to the waterfront eventually (where we had our first date), but first, we would stop at the cherry blossoms that were in full bloom.

We got out of the limo and walked around the tidal basin, taking pictures. Brian had his jacket with him, and I asked him why since it was so warm; he told me it was for us to sit on. We found a nice tree and camped out underneath it. He took the ring box out of his jacket pocket—sneaky guy—and proposed right there. I of course said, “Yes!”

We walked around the cherry blossoms for a while longer, then went back to the limo where chilled champagne was waiting for us. The next stop was the waterfront—we walked along the water to the spot where we stood during our first date.

Brian did a great job of making it a day I will never forget.

Mr. & Mrs. Brian P.