Beach Detour

Bob and I had dated during high school and into college at the University of Maryland. During his senior year (I was a junior) in 1965, we talked about our future and becoming engaged. For my February birthday, he wrote me a little poem about going shopping together for a ring as soon as his income tax refund check arrived.

A friend in one of my classes had recently gotten engaged and had a family member with a jewelry store in DC, so that is where we went. We ordered a simple gold ring, with a single diamond. We were told it would be ready in a week or two.

Not too long after that, we were driving down to spend the weekend with our respective parents. Instead of taking me home, he took a detour and drove to a lovely beach on the Chesapeake Bay—no one else was around. He took out the ring and asked me to marry him. We were both so excited and headed on down to tell both sets of parents!

We got married in June 1965 and will celebrate our 43rd anniversary in 2008. I still wear that same ring, though it was necessary to replace the diamond about 25 years ago when it fell out while I was mowing grass and was lost.

Bob and Fran P.