Are You Sure You’re Getting Married?

I started planning our wedding in September for a wedding date the following September, but my friends kept politely hinting, “Are you sure you’re getting married?”

There hadn’t been any official engagement, no popping the question, no ring or anything like that. We just knew we were getting married, and we were fine with that. For a while. As people kept hinting that I should “check with John” to make sure the upcoming wedding wasn’t a figment of my imagination, I in turn put the pressure on John.

Walking through a Wal-mart parking lot one day, we were discussing it, again, and I erupted with, “When will I get a ring?” He practically threw the box at me. Inside was the ring. So, technically, we got engaged a few months before the wedding, in the Wal-mart parking lot. I hope any future grooms reading this will take a hint: Do not propose in a parking lot. Do not propose in Wal-mart. And make sure she gets a ring before people start questioning her sanity. Thank you.

John and Donna T.