Engagement Party


  • Engagement Party or Wedding Shower

    Engagement Party or Wedding Shower

    A party is a party, but each party is different from all others.  It is up to the host to convey to the guests what to expect at the party.  Is it an engagement party or a wedding shower?  Both are fun, but there are different implications for each.

  • Engagement Party Themes

    Engagement Party Themes

    An engagement party can take almost any form.  And no two should be exactly alike.  Here are a few popular options, depending on location, intended guest list, and the engaged couple’s particular likes.  Pick one as inspiration and see where it takes you!

  • Engagement Parties

    Engagement Parties

    A couple can have one engagement party, several engagement parties, a surprise engagement party, or no engagement parties at all.  Depending on the path the couple chooses, these tips may help them appease traditionalists while modernizing the concept.

  • Photographing the Engagement Party

    Photographing the Engagement Party

    Party photography is often, at best, an afterthought.  But an engagement party is a special celebration for the engaged couple.  Photos are a must. The host (or the couple) can consider these options for engagement party photos.