Engagement Gift Ideas for the Fiancee Who Doesn't Need a Ring

Maybe you don’t need to even think about buying an engagement ring—your bride-to-be already has one. She could have inherited it or been given it by an elder relative. She may have a favorite ring that she always wears and has made it clear this will always be the only ring on her finger. Or she might not like the idea of wearing rings; perhaps they hamper her professional or personal style.

If she doesn’t need a ring, there’s no need to buy one.

But when you get down on one knee to propose, perhaps you’d like to present her with a token of your love for her. It’s absolutely up to you what that token should be. If you are struggling with what to give her, ask yourself a few questions, and the answer might come easier.

1. Does she like diamonds?

If she likes diamonds but already has an engagement ring, a smart choice is to inspect the intended engagement ring and her other jewelry pieces to see what is missing. Does she have earrings that will go well with her ring? How about a diamond necklace? Depending on what she typically wears, you might look for a diamond bracelet, a diamond tiara, or even a diamond tongue stud. Each person is unique. If you look, you’ll likely find a piece of diamond jewelry that she’ll treasure.

If she doesn’t like diamonds, read on.

2. Does she like jewelry?

If she likes jewelry, but not diamonds, find out what types of jewelry she prefers. Some people don’t realize diamonds can come in different colors and shapes—we’re so used to seeing clear, round diamonds—and might change their minds about wearing diamonds if they saw a deep blue, red, or yellow stone. If she is well acquainted with diamond variations, look at other gems, or even jewelry without stones. There is no law that says engagement rings or engagement presents must contain diamonds—or any other gems.

If she doesn’t like jewelry, read on.

3. In what way does she show the world what is important to her?

If she has a favorite charity, donate time or money in honor of your engagement.

If she paints her messages on her skin, consider matching or puzzle-piece tattoos, to show the world you are together.

If she is just starting a new phase in life—as a student, in a new career, or as an entrepreneur—perhaps the engagement gift could help her on her way. Such gifts might be a new computer, business materials, or financial assistance.

While most women expect a diamond ring, not all really want one. If you can discern what she’d really like, you are on the right path toward always delving into what matters and not just following popular trends.