How Do I Add a Setting to My Loose Diamond?

There are two ways to have your loose diamond added to the setting of your choice: online and offline.


Online retailers have jewelers on their staff who can take the diamond that you select and mount it onto a gold or platinum ring setting of your choice. It is a simple three-step process:

Step 1: You select a diamond of your choice.

Step 2: Browse the online retailer’s settings. Most sites will automatically prompt you to view settings when you purchase a loose diamond, but if your retailer does not, step away from your shopping cart and browse the site to find the settings. Some retailers offer a wide variety of settings: different metal colors, various designs for solitaires and multi-stone rings, and of course a range of ring finger sizes. Others stick to some popular basic settings.

Step 3: Go to your site’s checkout. Make your purchase. The online retailer’s jeweler combines the diamond stone with the jewelry setting you selected. The set ring is then delivered to your home.


You can pick a diamond stone from an online retailer, and then select a ring setting from a brick-and-mortar store and ask that store to mount the diamond you bought on the Internet onto the jewelry setting you selected. This process may take a bit longer than buying both the diamond and the ring from the same place, since you will deal with two different retailers. But if you have a unique setting in mind or just don’t see the setting you want at your online diamond retailer, this is the smartest route to take.

Either option—online or offline—can yield a set ring. Some people prefer the lower prices found online, while others like the wider variety of setting styles available offline. The choice is up to you.