Which Diamond Shapes are Most Expensive and Least Expensive?

Which diamond shapes are the most expensive and the least expensive? We pulled the lowest priced 1-carat, H-color, VS1-clarity, “very good” cut grade diamonds from Diamond Price Guru’s diamond search engine. In the cases where a 1-carat diamond was not listed, the nearest weight diamond available was chosen and noted.

Lowest Price Listed
Heart (1.04-carat) $4,880.00
Pear $4,033.00
Marquise (1.02-carat) $3,874.00
Radiant $3,685.00
Round $3,477.60
Cushion $3,280.00
Princess $3,205.44
Asscher $3,154.00
Oval $2,715.00
Emerald (1.01-carat) $2,521.00

The prices show that the heart shape is most expensive and emerald cuts are the least expensive. While round shaped diamonds are the most popular, they are not even close to the most affordable, with emerald, oval, Asscher, princess, and cushion cut diamonds appearing lower on the price chart.