Where Can I Sell My Engagement Ring?

Before the Internet, people had three options for selling their engagement rings: pawn shops, classified ads, and local jewelers. Now sites like eBay and Craig’s List let individuals sell (almost) whatever they like online. Even Amazon will allow people with a seller account to advertise their diamond jewelry beside big name vendors. There are also sites that specialize in reselling jewelry.

I Do Now I Don’t


The site, founded by a man whose fianc?e left him, shows considerable attention to detail and an understanding of the buyers and sellers’ mindsets. There are three ways to sell an engagement ring on I Do Now I Don’t: a plain listing, setting a price, and placing your ring on auction. They also have a marketplace for wedding dresses, men’s wedding rings, and related items. The buyer’s money is held in escrow while the I Do Now I Don’t gemologist verifies the jewelry matches the seller’s posted description. Buyer pays for shipping. The site takes a 12% commission, plus PayPal credit card fee, on all sold items. Still, the site states that sellers typically end up with 40-60% of the retail value of the sold items, which is much better than some other avenues.

Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry


This site was founded by a lady who was unimpressed with the offers she collected at a pawn shop and a consignment shop. She and her step-mother run the site, which includes categories for several types of gifts—jewelry and non-jewelry. Sellers post what they have. Buyers contact the sellers with offers. The Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry site does not monitor transactions or charge a commission. Instead, they sell ads to third-parties, so their revenue is based on generating site traffic.

Out Of Your Life


The site is owned by Lippincott and buys all forms of jewelry. Sellers request a “break up box.” The box arrives, the seller fills it with all the jewelry to be sold, and the box can be mailed postage-paid to the site’s owners. They accept broken chains, earrings missing their pair, and other odd bits. Once the box is received, Out Of Your Life has trained professionals evaluate each piece, and then a check for their estimated value is sent to the seller. The seller has 10 days after receipt of the check to call and reject the offer.


There are also plenty of other sites that will buy old jewelry: www.diamonds2cash.com, www.4AntwerpDiamonds.com, www.CircaJewels.com, etc. Some of these have stringent guidelines on exactly what types of jewelry they will buy, so check the sites carefully.