Triangle Cut Diamond

Description of Triangle Cut Diamonds

There are many ways to draw a triangle, and there are many ways to craft a triangle cut diamond. There are also many names the triangle shaped diamonds appear under in the marketplace: trillion, trilliant, and trillium – all of which describe a diamond cut in a shape of a triangle.

Some triangle cut diamonds have sharp corners—fragile, vulnerable to chipping—while others have clipped corners. Sharp cornered triangle cut diamonds can use specially molded V-shaped prongs, and clipped corner triangle cut diamonds can use standard prong designs.

Since laser technology allows a multitude of shapes, triangle cut diamonds can be equilateral (all three sides are the same length), isosceles (two sides have the same length), or even scalene (none of the sides have equal length). For maximum brilliance, an equilateral triangle is best.

However, there are a few things the triangle cut diamonds have in common. Usually cut from a flat diamond rough, the triangle cut diamond visually seems larger than the carat weight would indicate. As with other shapes, the more facets, the more sparkle. And as with other diamond shapes with corners, the color in the center of the diamond does not always appear to be the same color in the corners. For this reason, keep color in mind when purchasing triangle cut diamonds.

History of Triangle Cut Diamonds

Regarding triangle cut diamonds, the terms “trilliants,” “trillions,” “trilliums”, and “trielles” are now used interchangeably, except by those who understand the differences and honor the trademarks and patents involved. The “trilliant” term was originally used by the Royal Asscher Diamond Company for a triangular shaped diamond that employed extra facets, like a brilliant. It had curved sides and a high crown.

“Trielle” is the trademarked name for a triangular brilliant as designed by the Trillion Diamond Co., a subsidiary of LF Industries. The trielle was patented by Leon Finker’s LF Industries in the 1950s in New York. “Trillion” was the patented brand name for the trielle before 1991. It contains 50 facets and only straight sides.

Celebrities Wearing Triangle Cut Diamond Rings

Kimberly Buffington (3-carat, canary yellow, engaged to Dennis Quaid) and Whitney Houston (oval cut center diamond with trillion side stones, engaged to Bobby Brown).

Trivia for Triangle Cut Diamonds

  • The Moussaieff Red is a red 5-carat diamond. It was cut from a 14-carat rough diamond in the mid-1990s.