Oval Cut Diamond

Description of Oval Cut Diamonds

Ovals sparkle, similar to the round shape. A standard oval loose diamond has 56 facets, though more facets can be added to enhance sparkle.

The oval cut brings attention to long, slender fingers. The oval can be pronouncedly elongated or shorter, almost a round cut, allowing variations to suit many different stylistic preferences.

When purchasing an oval cut diamond, make certain the seller has an easy return policy, in case you see a dark spot toward the center of the diamond. Oval cuts, like pear shape, sometimes have a dark area, which appears dull in all types of lighting. This is the “bow-tie effect.”

If you plan to use a prong setting, anticipate a six-prong ring to carry most oval cut diamonds.

History of Oval Cut Diamonds

Lazare Kaplan elongated the common round cut to create the oval cut in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

Celebrities Wearing Oval Cut Diamond Rings

Katie Holmes (5-carat, pav? setting, engaged to Tom Cruise), Toni Braxton (oval and two hearts), and Whitney Houston (4-carat, from husband Bobby Brown).

Trivia for Oval Cut Diamonds

  • The designer of the oval cut diamond, Lazare Kaplan, was better known for his prowess at cleaving rough diamonds. Given irregular or imperfect diamonds, he could cleave away the flaws and create diamonds of exceptional value.
  • Lazare Kaplan was apprenticed to his uncle at age 13. His uncle was Abraham Tolkowsky, who published his mathematical findings for the ideal cut, still used by jewelers for round cut diamonds.