Hide Your Flaws—with Diamonds and Jewelry

We all have flaws.  Even diamonds have flaws.  But sometimes diamonds and other jewelry can help diminish our flaws and accentuate our positive attributes.

Short or Plump Fingers

Three diamond shapes can help make fingers appear elongated and more slender: the marquise, the oval, and the pear shapes.  It’s important to set the diamonds so that the longer width runs with the finger.

Long or Thin Fingers

If your fingers seem uncomfortably long or thin, avoid diamond shapes that accentuate length—such as the marquise, oval, and pear shapes.  Thin jewelry, whether in the form of bracelets, earrings, or necklaces, will add to the thin look, while thicker, chunky jewelry can add a visual bump to a thin bone structure, making a person appear somewhat larger in that area.

Skin Tone: Hot or Cool

Never certain whether you should wear yellow gold or white gold jewelry?  Borrow a test meant for makeup and clothing evaluation, and find out whether your skin tone is better suited to hot (yellow gold) or cool (white gold) accents.  Remove all makeup and jewelry.  Pull your hair away from your face—and if it’s colored, wrap it in a towel.  Stand in front of a mirror under natural or bright incandescent (not fluorescent!) lighting so you can see your bare face and shoulders.  Drape a piece of yellow clothing across your front, and then try a piece of blue clothing.  Which drape makes you look better, brings attention to your eyes, and minimizes shadows?  If it’s blue, you have “cool” skin tones, and white gold accentuates your natural appearance.  If you look better with the yellow drape, you have “hot” skin tones, and yellow gold is the way to perk up your look.

Short Hair

Short hair is not a flaw—but sometimes it brings more attention to your ears than you might like.  For a polished, professional look, wear small studs.  For a fun, playful appearance, let dangling hoops or strings peek beyond your hair line.

Long Hair

Long hair, even when worn swept off the face, can mask diamonds hidden in earrings.  Long hair worn loose can even obscure the view of necklaces.  If you love wearing your tresses down, don’t focus your jewelry on your ears or hidden neck area.  Decorate your hands and wrists with rings and bracelets, and if you have a favorite necklace pendant, try it on a longer chain that compliments your wardrobe.  And if you really want to call attention to your favorite earrings, pull your hair back so that none of it blocks the view.

Ugly Neck

Too many people are tempted to hide an unflattering neck behind a chunky necklace, thinking eyes will flow to the jewelry rather than the neck.  But so long as the neck is uncovered, there is almost no hiding it behind jewelry.  Instead, take a seasonal approach.  In winter, turtleneck sweaters, shirts, and dresses can help hide what you don’t like.  Pair turtleneck clothing with a long-chain necklace; if you wear your turtleneck under a sweater with another neckline, use that second neckline to frame a shorter necklace.  When the weather is too warm for turtlenecks or neck scarves, you can still use a high collar shirt (think men’s dress shirts) to decrease visibility of your neck area.  Instead of adding a necklace, which will draw more attention to the problem area, refocus others to your ears with earrings or your arms with bracelets and rings.

Double Chin

A double chin can’t be hidden but it doesn’t need to be highlighted, either.  Dangling earrings, short necklaces, and especially collar-style necklaces draw attention to the chin area, so all of these should be avoided.  People with double chins look better in open-collar tops, so use the shape of your collar to frame your necklace choice, but whenever possible, aim for necklaces that carry their focal points well away from your chin.  If you expect to have your photo taken, take these tips from a professional photographer: when sitting, tuck your hand under your chin in classic “student pose” and when standing, turn your body in one direction while turning your face a different direction, twisting the skin tighter to avoid the second chin’s appearance.  If the “student pose” feels unnatural, dress up your hand with a beautiful ring or bracelets.  Anyone looking at the photo will think the pose was meant to accentuate your jewelry, not hide your double chin.

No Cleavage

Jewelry that lands between the breasts is like planting a neon sign stating, “Look!  Here!  Breasts!”  For a less obvious approach, wear necklaces that place the focus a little above the breasts but with a long, dangling centerpiece to draw the eyes downward more subtly.  In addition, pay attention to your earrings.  Rounded shapes can lend a visual nudge so observers think they see rounded shapes elsewhere.  Rounded, open shapes, like hoops, work best for this.

Large Bosom

Large bosomed ladies sometimes wish to detract attention from their breasts.  It can be difficult—at work, when dating, or even during a conversation with a friend—to feel you are being taken seriously if their eyes continuously float to your chest.  To keep eyes nearer your eyes, wear earrings and make sure to adjust your hairstyle so the earrings are noticed.  If your hair covers your ears or you work with your hands, make sure there’s something of interest on your wrists or fingers, too.  Whatever you do, don’t let a dangling necklace bob between your breasts; if you must wear necklaces, keep them high and away from the trouble zone, unless you want to look like a sex symbol.


A 2-carat diamond may look stunning on a larger lady’s ring finger, but it could be mistaken for a boulder on a petite lady’s hand.  All jewelry should be chosen in proportion to the wearer’s features, meaning a smaller person is less likely to look fashionable in chunky necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry.  Tricks to help the small feel tall are designing lines with clothing, hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry to draw eyes toward vertical images.  Try long, pendant-style necklaces, dangling strand earrings, and marquise-shaped diamonds, and avoid rounded pieces.


Long, dangling jewelry can make a tall person appear even taller, imposing visual lines in the form of long necklaces and strand-style earrings.  To look shorter, replace the dangling jewelry with more rounded, scooped styles.

Face Shape

Triangular Face Shape

To add width to the chin and bring attention to your eyes, use chocker necklaces and triangular earrings.  Avoid dangling necklaces that accentuate the “point” at the bottom of the triangle—the chin.

Oval Face Shape

Any style of necklace works with an oval face.  Earrings to compliment an oval face also come in a wide range of shapes, so long as you avoid earrings that elongate the face—such as dangling styles.

Round Face Shape

If you wish to highlight the roundness of your face, stick with round earrings—small buttons or large round ones.  If you would rather shift attention away from the roundness, use a pendant-style necklace to draw more of a triangle around your face, and find earrings that do not mimic the face’s roundness.