Emerald Cut Diamond

Description of Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut is a square, stepped shape with cropped corners. The emerald cut has 58 facets (25 pavilion, 25 crown, and 8 girdle), and eight sides as the four “corners” are actually short sides, too. The corners are cut with steps—parallel, graduated planes to protect the stone. The culet is dependant on the length-width ratio of the diamond—it is a point if the diamond is a square and a line when the diamond is longer. The way these elements work together, through facet shapes, angles, and sizes, creates a diamond with less brilliance and light dispersion than a round cut diamond.

The emerald cut’s open table makes it easier for an observer to judge the clarity, color, and cut of the diamond. For this reason, when selecting an emerald cut diamond, it is important not to skimp on these three qualities, especially clarity and color. On the plus side, in current market conditions, an emerald cut diamond and a round cut diamond that match in color, clarity, carats, and cut may differ in price by 30%, and the emerald cut is likely to have the lower price.

History of Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald cut was designed for showcasing emeralds, which generally have more inclusions than diamonds, making emeralds more difficult to cut. The design was meant to address this flaw in emerald cutting but also grew popular for other gem stones, including diamonds.

Celebrities Wearing Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

Camilla Parker Bowles (engagement ring from Prince Charles), Elizabeth Taylor (29-carat, engaged to Michael Todd), Eva Longoria (2-carat, engaged to Tony Parker), Grace Kelly (12-carat, engaged to Prince Rainier), Jennifer Lopez (4-carat, engaged to Chris Judd), Melanie Knauss (12-carat, engaged to Donald Trump), Paris Hilton (24-carat engagement ring), and Sharon Stone (3.5-carat, engaged to Phil Bronstein, as well as an adoption ring with three emerald-cut diamonds).

Trivia for Emerald Cut Diamonds

  • Some diamonds are cut and cut again. The Kimberly Diamond, originally a 490-carat rough diamond from the Kimberly Mine in South Africa, was cut to 70 carats in 1921. In 1958, it was cut again—this time into a 55.09-carat, emerald cut. Since it was sold to an unidentified buyer in 1971, it’s possible the Kimberly Diamond has since taken even another shape and size.