Diamond Cuts (Shapes)

  • Shape Sorter: Which Diamond Cut (Shape) Fits Her?

    Shape Sorter: Which Diamond Cut (Shape) Fits Her?

    Is your girlfriend sentimental, sensitive, and trusting? Or is she disciplined, organized, conservative, and efficient? Or maybe she is extroverted, experimental, and innovative? Based on 25 years of research, women’s personal traits determine what diamond shape they are more likely to prefer.

  • Diamond Cuts (Shapes) Overview

    Diamond Cuts (Shapes) Overview

    Diamonds come in a variety of shapes: round (also called brilliant), princess, Asscher, marquise, radiant, emerald, oval, heart, pear, cushion, etc. Shape is one factor in a diamond’s price. Some shapes are more difficult to produce than others.

  • Asscher Cut Diamond

    Asscher Cut Diamond

    Square, sparkly, and a diamond cut with a long family history, including its reinvention.

  • Cushion Cut Diamond

    Cushion Cut Diamond

    The “candlelight cut,” the most fashionable of the 1830s, is making a comeback.

  • Emerald Cut Diamond

    Emerald Cut Diamond

    Eva Longoria, Camilla Parker Bowles, Sharon Stone—all wear emerald cut diamonds.

  • Heart Cut Diamond

    Heart Cut Diamond

    A pear shape with a dimple notch in the top, it’s a difficult cut to master.

  • Oval Cut Diamond

    Oval Cut Diamond

    The nephew of the round cut—literally.  Tolkowsky’s nephew designed the oval cut.

  • Pear/Tear Cut Diamond

    Pear/Tear Cut Diamond

    The teardrop cut is merely a pear cut turned upside down.

  • Princess Cut Diamond

    Princess Cut Diamond

    The brilliance of a round cut, delivered in a square or rectangular package.

  • Round Cut Diamond

    Round Cut Diamond

    Highest amount of sparkle of any cut, over 75% of the diamonds are round cuts.

  • Marquise Cut Diamond

    Marquise Cut Diamond

    Legend says a king commissioned this cut to honor his mistress’s smile.

  • Triangle Cut Diamond

    Triangle Cut Diamond

    All triangles have three sides, but triangle cut diamonds take many three-sided forms.

  • Radiant Cut Diamond

    Radiant Cut Diamond

    A princess cut with clipped corners; prongs grasp it better and less chance of damage.

  • Hide Your Flaws—with Diamonds and Jewelry

    Hide Your Flaws—with Diamonds and Jewelry

    Jewelry can help hide your flaws--short fingers, double chin, flat chest, too short, etc. Learn how to pick diamonds and other jewelry to accent your positives and draw attention away from any negatives.

  • Which Diamond Shapes are Most Expensive and Least Expensive?

    Which Diamond Shapes are Most Expensive and Least Expensive?

    Bargain hunters will find several shapes are less expensive than round brilliant diamonds.