What can my diamond’s certificate tell me?

A diamond’s certificate represents a third-party’s evaluation of the diamond’s condition on a specific date.

It should tell you:

  • The inspection date
  • Shape
  • Cut style
  • Diamond measurements (length, width, and height)
  • Carat weight
  • Color grade
  • Clarity grade
  • Additional information the diamond graders found

It might also include:

  • Cut grade
  • Fluorescence
  • Finish’s polish
  • Finish’s symmetry
  • Comments from the grader
  • Laser inscription
  • Notes on enhancement treatments performed on the diamond
  • A map of inclusions and/or blemishes
  • Clarity characteristics
  • Diagram of diamond’s actual proportions
  • Photo or diagram of diamond’s “hearts and arrows” pattern

If you plan on paying a third-party to certify your diamond, ask to see a sample certification first. Make certain the proposed certification will cover all of the areas you expect to be included.