Can I send my diamond to a gemological laboratory for testing and certification?

Yes, anyone can send a diamond for evaluation and certification.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

The GIA performs evaluations and certification for loose diamonds at several international locations. Patrons download, complete, and include a contract with their shipment. Diamonds in the United States of America of four carats or smaller should be sent to their Carlsbad, California, laboratory; larger diamonds and fancy color diamonds should be sent to their New York laboratory. A 1-carat diamond sent to the California GIA laboratory can have a full GIA Diamond Dossier or GIA Diamond Grading completed within three to five days. The additional time spent shipping the diamond to and from the lab depends on carrier method. Diamond Dossiers are prepared for loose diamonds with color grades of D to Z. The fee is based on the diamond’s carat weight; a one-carat diamond’s GIA Diamond Dossier costs $90. All GIA Diamond Dossiers include the inscription of the GIA report number at no additional charge. A GIA Diamond Grading Report for a one-carat diamond costs $100.

Diamonds can be reexamined after a new cut for a smaller fee. A reexamination of a specific grade (color, cut, clarity, polish, symmetry, etc.) is available within 60 days of an examination, at a reduced cost.

The GIA also offers diamond inscription services. For a one-carat diamond, the report number can be inscribed for $15, and other graphics or words can be inscribed at $19 for the first 15 characters and $15 for each additional character.

More information is available on the GIA Web site.

International Gemological Institute (IGI)

The IGI asks patrons to mail their diamonds for certification to their New York location. Fees and other details on how to request a certification are not found on the Web site. Individual patrons can request information using the IGI Online Live chat feature. Fees are based on total carat weight and the type of gem. Certification for a one-carat, loose diamond was quoted as $65 (October 2008).

American Gemological Society (AGS)

AGS only offers diamond grading to members of the jewelry industry.