Diamond Size: Is Bigger Better?

Some grooms go into buying the engagement ring certain their bride-to-be wants the hugest rock available. A stroll through online chat rooms shows many brides are shocked when they see their huge diamonds—but not always the good kind of shocked.

“My boyfriend is wanting to buy me a 2 ct brilliant cut diamond ring, and I love it...but I’m worried it may look too big on my size 6 finger...help?” wrote shyshee on Yahoo Answers. Unfortunately for shyshee, the three people who posted replies were all in the no-diamond-is-too-big camp.

Elsewhere, there are petites worried they may fall off balance from the weight of their new stones and newlyweds who worry people will think their diamonds are phony—because the size is cartoonishly large next to most diamond engagement rings.

Generally speaking, most online debaters agree the diamonds and overall ring should reflect the taste of the woman wearing them. If she favors chunky jewelry, her engagement ring should be large. If all her favorite pieces are dainty, the engagement ring should follow suit. And if she doesn’t wear jewelry at all—a potential groom should find out why before assuming a marriage proposal will change her mind.

Some people, however, proclaim there is no such thing as “too big” with diamonds. They talk about 5-carat diamonds and 8-carat diamonds as if they are the expected norm. A few say “bigger is always better” while others caution they would not want to sacrifice color or clarity in order to afford a larger diamond.

Some take a more mathematical approach. Somegirl932 on Diamond Chit Chat posted, “I thought the general rule was one carat for every year he made you wait [for the proposal and ring].” The range of responses—while mostly in favor of that rule—proved there was no direct correlation.

When David H on Yahoo Answers solicited advice on what diamond size would be too big for his fianc?e, he received many responses. The winning advice came from tetlitea: “Whatever would make your potential fianc?e uncomfortable. Many women like large jewelry, some don't. Unless you truly want to surprise her take her ring shopping. If you want to surprise her then take your lead from the styles of jewelry she already has.”